shopping mall

We all know that an injury can happen anywhere, but many people forget about that possibility in the day-to-day. And even more, since shopping trips can be fun events, some people may be primed to expect accidents there even less. Shopping malls, nevertheless, can pose a lot of dangers to patrons, particularly when not well-maintained. This blog post will address why injuries can happen in malls and offer advice on what to do immediately after you get injured in a shopping mall. Please read carefully so that you are prepared in the unfortunate event of an injury, and contact our Rockland County slip and fall lawyers today if you are recovering from an accident. You deserve experienced counsel to fight by your side for the highest compensation possible.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Shopping Mall Injuries?

Several factors in a bustling, packed shopping mall can make accidents and injuries in these spaces more likely. Here are some examples of common dangers we overlook in shopping malls:

  • Floors made slippery because of spills or cleaning
  • Damaged, uneven walking surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors
  • Broken escalators and elevators
  • Parking lots with insufficient lighting
  • Aisles and walkways with too many items and people
  • Merchandise that topples from shelves carrying more than they should
  • Damaged or nonexistent handrails

I’ve Been Injured in a Shopping Mall, What Are My Next Steps?

Whether at a shopping mall or anywhere else, if you are injured, the most important thing you should do is get medical attention. Many injuries, like concussions, don’t become evident to laypeople’s eyes until the problem has progressed. A prompt and thorough medical examination ensures you get the care need when you need it. And if you are considering pursuing compensation, having medical records like these will help your case.

After you get medical attention, your next step should be reporting the accident to mall management. Getting your report documented by management will be key for your potential case. If there are any receipts from your shopping trip, be sure to keep these as well. It’s always better to have evidence that isn’t needed than to later need a piece of evidence and not have it.

You can also start gathering evidence to help your lawyer. First of all, you should take photos of the scene of the accident. If you can collect contact information from witnesses, that would make your lawyer’s day. Witnesses can give testimony, should it be helpful and needed later.