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Rockland County is, generally speaking, a pedestrian-friendly county, in that sidewalks and crosswalks are plentiful in most towns, such as Nyack, where we are based. However, this does not mean that sidewalks are always in optimal condition (as they should be), and unfortunately, sidewalk accidents and injuries frequently happen as a result. If you’ve been harmed in a sidewalk slip or trip and fall, please don’t hesitate to contact the dedicated Rockland County sidewalk accident lawyers at Mitchell J. Schroeder, P.C. today.

Sidewalk Accident Lawyers | Here for Slip & Fall Victims in NYS

Unfortunately, all it takes is one seemingly minor flaw in a sidewalk to cause a catastrophic injury and entirely derail a person’s life. That said, if you’ve been hurt due to unsafe sidewalk conditions, there is a path to compensation, and our seasoned Rockland County slip and fall lawyers are here to provide it.

Common Causes of Sidewalk Accidents

Truthfully, sidewalk accidents can occur for a wide range of reasons, but often, they are simply the result of sidewalk owner negligence, which, in New York State, can either be the private property owner or the municipality/town the sidewalk is located in. In any case, some of the most common causes of sidewalk accidents that we see are as follows:

  • Cracks: Cracks are one of the most common defects that can cause sidewalk accidents. Cracks can occur due to weather conditions, tree roots, soil erosion, or poor construction. Cracks can create uneven surfaces or gaps that can trip or catch pedestrians’ feet.
  • Ice or snow: Ice or snow can accumulate on sidewalks during winter months and create slippery conditions that can cause pedestrians to slip and fall. Property owners or municipalities may have a duty to clear ice or snow from sidewalks within a reasonable time after a snowfall or freeze.
  • Debris: Debris such as trash, leaves, branches, rocks, or other objects can clutter sidewalks and create obstacles for pedestrians. Debris can also hide underlying defects such as cracks or holes. Property owners or municipalities may have a duty to keep sidewalks free of debris and hazards.
  • Potholes: Potholes are depressions or holes in the pavement that can cause pedestrians to lose their balance or twist their ankles. Potholes can occur due to water damage, heavy traffic, or poor maintenance. Potholes can also fill with water or ice and create slippery conditions.
  • Uneven surfaces: Uneven surfaces are areas where the pavement is not level or smooth. Uneven surfaces can be caused by cracks, potholes, tree roots, shifting soil, or improper installation. Uneven surfaces can create tripping hazards or make pedestrians stumble.

Proving Your Sidewalk Accident Claim

To win compensation in a personal injury claim, you will have to gather and present evidence at the scene of the accident to prove that you were, in fact, injured as a direct result of another party’s negligence. If possible, after a sidewalk accident, you should try and take the following steps:

  1. Call the police and request they send an ambulance so you can receive immediate medical treatment.
  2. Take pictures or videos of the unsafe sidewalk conditions that caused your accident.
  3. Ask witnesses for their contact information.
  4. Keep copies of all medical documentation/bills you’ve incurred as a result of your injury.
  5. Retain the services of a seasoned Rockland County sidewalk accident lawyer who can work to obtain all other evidence needed to satisfy the burden of proof.

Filing On Time

Importantly, the statute of limitations for most personal injury claims in New York is three years, however, in cases where a person is injured on property owned by a town or municipality, they will only have 90 days from the date of their injury to file a Notice of Claim. For this reason, it is paramount that you reach out to a competent attorney sooner, rather than later. If you miss either of these deadlines, you will be permanently barred from suing. Don’t make this mistake.

Contact Our Sidewalk Accident Lawyers Today

The bottom line is that if you’ve been hurt in an accident due to no fault of your own, we are here to help. Contact Mitchell J. Schroeder, P.C. today for a free consultation so we can get started working on your case.

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